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La Petite Agence
La Petite Agence

Rights Training, Development & Support Program

Detailed Program:

1. Developing Foreign Rights: Why And How?
- Why? To Amortize Creation Costs, Increase Revenue, Open New Markets, Promote Authors
- How? It is difficult to hire a good Agent, but even more to develop Rights on one's own
- Our Solution: Follow our Dedicated Program, lead by Experienced Professionals who will provide Full Training and Individualized Tools and Advice in order to quickly develop Rights.

2. All You Need To Know About Foreign Rights
- Selling Rights: Royalty Deals and Coeditions
- Legal Issues & Contracts
- Languages and Territories You Will Into
- Building A Worldwide Submission Strategy
- Negotiating Rights
- How To Deal With Sub-Agents
One-to-one Training Session (1 to 2 Days)

3. Dedicated Consulting And Recommandations
One-to-one Session with the Publisher to Understand the Catalogue, establish Priorities in terms of Titles and Territories, and decide of the Strategy and Goals (short and mid-term).
We will thereafter provide the Publisher with:
- Recommandations or Redaction of Catalogue Presentation
- Clear Structure and Priorities for Titles
- Qualified Detailed Contacts of Publishers from all around the World, in order of priority
- Personalized Deal Forms, Contracts and Recommandations for Negotiations

Our Agency can also accompany your Rights Development for longer periods.