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Publishing Software: IDB LaBase

In 2008 we created IDB LaBase, an all-in-one, user-oriented software for Foreign Rights and Coeditions. One year later, one of our customers appointed us in order to create an Author Royalties Management Module. With now a 7-year track record, IDB LaBase is a full Publishing Rights & Royalties Management Software, which differs from the competition.

IDB LaBase:
- is 100% developped and maintained by Phi-Anh Nguyen, who is both a recognized Publishing Professional and accomplished Software Developper.
- puts customers first: all screens, processes, reports were created with ease-of-use and pace in mind. You will never fill in unnecessary fields nor open dozens of screens.
- can be adapted to the specificities of your Publishing House, and we provide personalized assistance.
- proposes the most advanced tools and processes in order to simplify repetitive tasks and provide synthetic information.

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Current IDB LaBase customers are: