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La Petite Agence
La Petite Agence


La Petite Agence directly represents Publishers for Translation, TV & Film Rights. The Sub-Rights Process is entirely handled by the Agency, from definition of priorities, submissions, presence in International Fairs and dedicated Trips, to Negotiations, Contracts, Invoicing and Payment. The Agency also acts as a Consultant for Editorial and Legal Matters.
Phi-Anh Nguyen has 20-year Experience in Sub-Rights (DK UK, Gallimard Jeunesse, Hachette), for all types of books but with a specialty in Children's and Illustrated Books, including Co-Ediitions.

La Petite Agence is the exclusive agent for Independent Children's Publisher Sarbacane, Paris, since 2009.

The Agency is currently not seeking new customers, but we do provide Training and Individualized Consultancy for Publishers wishing to develop Sub-Rights.